Short Story and Vicente

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Summary of Magnificence
There is couple with a son and a daughter. Their parents have a good job. They go to school. Their mother is a president in their village. In a meeting the man volunteered to be their tutor because he doesn’t do anything in the evening also for an extra job. His name is Vicente. He is a bus conductor. So he went to the house every night to teach the kids. He promised the kids to give them 2 pencils each. One night he gives the pencil to the kids. That time it was the "it". The children in this time want pencils. Vincent is nice to the children. He knows their wants. But when he gave the pencil, he gives 3 pencils for the girl and 2 for the boy. Their mother said to say thank you. The boy kissed Vicente but Vicente told him that boys don't kiss boys. Then the girl goes to Vicente to say thank you. He hugs her so tight and the girl started to get out of his too tight hug. The girl looks at Vicente with a little wonder on his face. The next day they were so proud and happy with their new pencils. They showed it to their friends in class. They also thought of asking Vicente for new pencils. In dinner they talked a little about Vicente but the father is busy reading something. He did not listen to what the mother said. The mother thinks that Vicente is fond of the children with the way he is treating them. That evening Vicente arrived earlier. The children are proud of the pencil. Their classmates are jealous with their new pencils given by Vicente. He asked the little boy to get him a glass of water. Then he put the girl on his lap. Then he let the girl write her homework. The little girl told him not to carry her because she is heavy. Vicente is perspiring, and his eyes are strange. Then the girl jumped out of his lap because she became afraid. Then their mom arrived. She rubs the girls back and told them to go upstairs. The mother slapped the man repeatedly. Vicente just accepts the entire slap that the mother gave him. Then he went out of the house. The mother closed the door. She gives a bath to the girl. Then she asked them to throw the pencil. Then she put her to sleep.

(Short Story) Magnificence by Estrella Alfon
(Reaction) Imagery and Point of View in Alfon's Magnificence by: Antonio Conejos Alfon's Magnificence is similar to Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants in that a taboo subject is implied but not stated and it takes the talent of the author, combined with the skill of the reader, to tease out the subtext of the story. The subject of Magnificence is child abuse and the story manages to convey this primarily through imagery and point of view. Imagery - Light and Dark

Even from the very beginning Vicente, a stranger really to the family, is associated with darkness, he would stand for a while just beyond the pool of light, his feet in the circle of illumination, the rest of him in shadow. By the same token, the children are associated incessantly with the light, their eyes bright in the bright light. The duality and association between light and dark immediately casts a shadow on Vicente's intentions while affirming the innocence of the children. Interestingly the story's titular character, it is her magnificence which banishes the dark, is associated both with the light and the dark. Thus the mother is at once capable of love and caring (light) and tremendous acts of violence if necessary to defend her children (dark). Note the movement of the mother from dark to light, The mother looked at him, stopped in her tracks, and advanced into the light... The little girl looked at her mother, and saw the beloved face transfigured by some sort of glow. Moreover, as she progresses into the light, saving her child, she pushes Vicente further and further into literal, as well as figurative, shadow, The mother went to the cowering man, and marched him with a glance out of the circle of light that held the little boy... As soon as the cool air of the free night touched...
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