short story

Topics: Thought, Mind, Thing Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: March 9, 2014
Antwan Mansour


Announcer: “ C_Copy2 and C_Copy 7 to super stage, report now.” “ What do you think all of this is about S_112 ?”
“ I have no clue, they might have some sickness or might be polluted.” “Yea”, every time I talk to her I feel something in me that keeps me attracted to her, a bond maybe. Polluted, that word struck my head, what can it be? Thinking as I was strolling through the corridor until I approached a steel door called stage 3 with a sign saying “no entrance” hanging on. Thoughtlessly I sneak inside and start wandering with anxiety looking at all of these tubes, hearing some murmuring here and there. A hand pulls me to the side behind a set of tubes. “shhh, don’t say a single word” this old man puts his hand on my mouth. He takes me into this small chamber and gives me a coke. I look bewilderedly at this can of drink; I never saw such a thing in the conservatory inside. I reject it, but he stops me and says, “ Its not polluted don’t worry”. “ I don’t think you know much about the real world do you?” I answer still with a bit of confusion, “ what do you mean? Real world? “ “ I see now, let me tell you a few things about who you are and why you are here, first you’re not a real human being but rather a copy of a guy in the world, you’re only a doll that is used to keep these extra artificial organs in good condition so later on when an organ in the original person fails, a part of you is replacing that so in that way people pay money to live forever.”

“Do you remember how you came here to this building?” he asks. “I had a car accident where I lost my parents, and then I woke up in one of the rooms.” “I see, I see… follow me, there is one more thing you have to see.” We go to another laboratory right next to the old one. I was really amazed to see all of these screens running videos of events, and the thing that surprises me most is that all of the events are similar.” Here is where the memory part of your mind...
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