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The Mienshao opened her eyes and gasped loudly. She could instantly feel that she was sitting in a very uncomfortable position in small, enclosed space. The ground felt cold and metallic. It was obviously some kind of cage. The Mienshao looked down to her stomach and rubbed it, relieved to feel that her unborn baby was unharmed.

"Richard, long time, no see buddy. How've you been?" a voice spoke happily.

"Dr. Feinburg, it sure is great to see you again," replied a second voice.

The Mienshao gasped at the sudden sound of the two voices, which sounded a bit muffled and distant. She remained quiet and listened to the conversation.

"So tell me Richard, what have you got for me today?" asked the first voice.

"Boy oh boy, I've got the Pokemon you've been waiting for Dr. Feinburg," replied the second voice. All of the sudden there was a big flash of bright light. The Mienshao winced and covered her eyes.

"Oh my! A Mienshao! You actually caught one?" gasped the first voice.

"Amazing isn't it? I know you've always been waiting one for your experiments, and when I suddenly came across this one, I just had to capture it for you," said the second voice.

Once her eyes were adjusted to the bright light, the Mienshao opened her eyes. She then jumped with a start to see a human face staring back at her through the bars of the cage she was locked up in. The man wore khaki pants, a black long-sleeve collared shirt and a white lab coat. He appeared to be some kind of scientist.

"Oh Richard, just look at her! Such a fine speciman!" said the man staring at the Mienshao through the cage with fascination.

"And there's a bonus, this one's pregnant," said the second voice.

"Ah, a two in one deal eh?" chuckled the scientist. "My, this is extraordinary. I'll finally be able to perform my first C-section on an Unova region Pokemon!"
The Mienshao gasped in horror at the scientist's words and held her gravid stomach. "My Richard, you sure are Unova's greatest poacher," said the scientist.

"Been doin' this for seven years and the law still hasn't caught me," chuckled the second voice.

"I'm assuming there's a cost that goes along with this?" sighed the scientist, with disappointment in his tone. The second voice chuckled in response.

"It's charge free. I enjoy capturing experiment Pokemon for you Feinburg," replied the second voice. The scientist turned, facing the person he was speaking to and grinned malevolently.

"And that's why I love doing business with you Richard," said the scientist.
"Well, I better get going now. Got other clients of mine who need Pokemon," said the poacher.

"Alright, take care of yourself Richard," said the scientist, standing to his feet to shake hands with the poacher, who then left the room.

"And boy, have I got plans for you little one," chuckled the scientist onimously as he turned back to the Mienshao, who shivered and whimpered in her cage, anticipating the hellish nightmare her life had now become.

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