Short Story

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Poverty Pages: 4 (1309 words) Published: October 10, 2010
A short story concentrates on creating a single dynamic effect and is limited in character and situation. It is a language of maximum yet economical effect. Every word must do a job, sometimes several jobs. Short stories are filled with numerous language and sound devices. These language and sound devices create a stronger image of the scenario or the characters within the text, which contribute to the overall pre-designed effect.As it is shown in the metaphor 'lipstick bleeding gently' in Cinnamon Toast. This describes how the lipstick on a woman's faces is travelling from the lips into the skins around the mouth. The author has chosen this metaphor because it contributes to the reader gaining a stronger image of the characters that they may wear too much makeup and try too hard sociably. It also shows that they are older (i.e. l It also contributes to the image of them being smokers as this is meant to compound the problem. The use of the hyperbole 'sketching wildly on her forehead' in Cinnamon Toast once again shows that no word in a short story must be irrelevant. He dies for their sins therefore the fat boy is symbolic of Jesus Christ as Jesus died for us on the cross for our sins. ipstick does not bleed if you have youthful skin or do not wear too much). A short story is the language of economy. The fat boy is a symbol described as a person people dislike. The choice of the hyperbole is extremely important because it improves our understanding of the character, Mona. It suggests that he is unattractive, unfit, unclean and has a lack of health. The word wildly is exaggerating the actions of the character Mona, while she is applying her makeup. This proves that the choice of vocabulary is of extreme importance in order to create a maximum pre-designed effect. The use of this hyperbole allowed the reader to gather this information and Mona's character and lifestyle. It should create a single impression and once the climax is reached, it should end. In the...
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