Short Story

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Composition: Let’s KEEP THIS SHORT
So you want to tell a story but you don’t have a lot of time to tell it. Maybe you have a really “cool” idea that doesn’t need to turn into War and Peace or The Grapes of Wrath or IT. This story can be wrapped up nice and neatly in under 2000 words (Yes, I know it sound like a lot but it isn’t when you telling a story you love!). Can you hold the attention of an audience in such a short amount of time? You betcha! In fact, it is quite a challenge to tell complete short story that makes sense and doesn’t insult or cheat the reader. You are going to have to rely on are the key elements of creating an effective short story: conflict and characters,




ESSAY # Short-Story

Write a short story in which a character must deal with a conflict.

/10 Presented clear conflict for narrator/characters
/10 Identified 4 parts of conflict within the story
/10 Used at least two scenes to tell story
/10 Used effective characterization in the story
Underline and identify three aspects of characterization
/10 Write Effective Dialogue with one examples of internal dialogue with no errors in punctuation

/10 Maintain consistent point of view
/10 Box 8 examples of sensory detail (focus on setting)
/50 4 page minimum
+5 typed +5 vocabulary +3 title
Notes: -5 points for each of the following errors
spelling errors
fragments and run-on sentences

Total: /110

“All for What?”

I grabbed the nylon rope as her weight yanked me towards the edge. She was dangling to far from the face of the mountain to grab on to anything. As if she even could. She was hanging unconscious from the ledge and although we weren’t even half way up I was too weak and to fatigued to lift her let alone hold on much longer. I couldn’t save her there was no way I wasn’t about to go down with her. I had to let her drop.

I thought to myself. No one would know. And our baby girl needs a parent. I can’t leave her alone in this cruel unforgiving world to be given away to some stranger. So I took my left hand of the checkered green and white rope and slid my hand down to my belt. There the tips of my fingers touched the cold smooth steel of the old hand me down carabineer separating me from life and death. And I slid my palm up the rusty clasp I took a deep breath as a twisted it then nothing. I jerked as calmly as possible as I tried to pull it apart but it was stuck as I put my hand back on the rope only one thought ran through my mind. I’m screwed.

With a raspy, nasally voice I screamed at her with what little might I had left. “Karen! Karen! Wake up Karen! Wake up!” But it was pointless my voice was just noise in the breeze that blew through her long golden locks that surrounded far smooth slender tan face. As I contemplated just jumping or waiting in the hope that she’ll wake up another thought came to mind. MY KNIFE! Karen had gotten me a brand new knife for my birthday last week. I removed my hand from the rope and unsheathed the great steel beast. I laid the cold metal across the rope and began to cut as I remembered that I had not yet sharpened the knife. It was a slow process. The rope ripped through my flesh faster than my knife did through it. Finally the rope began to fray and as I hacked away at it at a slow monotonous pace I thought back to how my life had ended up here.

I drifted back to that brisk autumn night in a New York alley way standing there in my ratty old led zeppelin concert tee and a pair of baggy silk basketball shorts as the stale dirty air blew through me. For a while I just stood there in a puddle of filth and my own urine. Then something possessed me to move as I crept down the alley my eyes darted back and forth like a cocaine fueled cockroach. I again came to a stop with the blaring horns, flashing lights, and Guido’s in the...
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