Short Stories – Qwertyuiop

Topics: Secretary, Typewriter, Protagonist Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Short Stories – QWERTYUIOP
Lucy Beck, the main character of this story, is an average girl whose mother is a good and kind-hearted woman. Her Uncle Bert, an alcoholic, lives with them.
Upon graduation from the Belmont Secretarial College, she is offered a job as a secretary at the Ross and Bannister’s. On her first day of work, she meets Harry Darke, a long serving employee, explains the nature of her job. He tells her that her predecessors do not last long in the position. Before leaving her to get on with her work, he warns her that the electric typewriter in the office is different and leaves a big bottle of liquid paper.

The moment she starts typing, the typewriter comes alive and nasty messengers including “QWERTYUIOP” appear on the letter. She uses the correcting fluid to erase all the mistakes but the typewriter keeps on typing. Later, she finds out that the ghost of the late of Mr. Bannister’s secretary, Miss Broome is haunting the typewriter.

Lucy does not give up. She uses the liquid paper to erase all the unwanted words over and over again. From Harry Darke, she finds out that Miss Broome was false to retire by the late Mr. Bannister after being loyal for fourty-three years. Being depressed and unwanted, Miss Broome died soon after. Lucy makes peace with Miss Broome’s ghost, assuring her that Mr. Bannister truly values her service is still needed by her employer. Lucy types a goodbye letter for Miss Broome. Harry Darke respects Lucy for her bravely in facing up to the ghost of Miss Broome.
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