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A Lost Hope

The lights appeared out of the darkness. I heard a soft voice talking to me as my eyes slowly opened and everything was blurred. My eyes adjusted I found I wasn’t at home in my own comfy bed but a horrible hospital trolley. My mom was sitting on a chair beside me her hand in mine and her eyes filled with tears I could tell she had been crying. It had happened again I thought to myself, I had collapsed for no reason. My mom explained to me why this was happening and a sharp pain shot through my body to my heart...I had cancer. They had found a lump on my leg and done some tests. I was scared I didn’t know what was happening. the last week i hadn’t been feeling well but i thought it would pass. days passed by and more tests were done. they told me i would have a freddy instead of having to stick needles in me all the time. They told me they didn’t catch the cancer early but it wasn’t too late either so they have a chance of stopping it from spreading. My best friend Amanda came and visited me that day with a big teddy bear and chocolates and a card. I was so happy to see her. I told mom to go and get something to eat that i was fine now with Amanda. she hadn’t eaten all day she insisted sitting beside me incase something happened to me while she was gone. she slept over the first night but then the nurses told her to go home and get some sleep. The hospital was horrible at night i kept tossing and turning but the beds are impossible to sleep on, i could here babys crying and people in beds next to me snoring or talking in there sleep they were all old people they had already lived their lives while i wasn’t even a quater way through mine it wasn’t fair. The other night one of the old men tried to get out of the ward in his sleep!i don’t blame him the nurses wake me up and fluid every three hours....
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