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Topics: Genetically modified food, Genetic engineering, DNA Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: January 18, 2014

Genetic engineering

A gene, a product, a life

By: Aaron Jared Bagay

The alteration of an organism’s genetic information had been around for a long time. Since the dawn of the age of man, humanity gradually altered an organism’s genetic information through the process of breeding. They carefully pick an organism that exhibits a trait(s) that is desirable to them. The trait passed down generation to generation, however, is limited. Due to the fact that most organisms that prove visibly useful to us (i.e. plants, livestock and beneficial insects) can only reproduce and pass down their desirable trait sexually. As our understanding of science improves, we found a new way to alter an organism’s genetic code. A method called genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the science of altering an organism’s gene by introducing a foreign gene to its genome. Since the foreign gene containing the desirable trait is directly injected, it by-passes the need for sexual reproduction to cross the gene to another organism. And, genetically modified organisms are less susceptible to diseases and other environmental changes. However, there are always risks involved in trying out new things.

Primarily genetically modified foods (gm foods) are sought for because of the benefits that come with it. Like the crops’ resistance to pest and diseases, both could inflict a $1-billion dollars of income lost if pests and/or diseases hit a particular species of crops. Increased environmental and climatic tolerances are also observed in gm crops. They could survive a longer period in cold weather and sudden drought compared to normal crops, some crops could also survive in disturbances in alkalinity and salinity of the land. Most gm-crops produces more yield and contains notable nutritional benefits compared to the normal crops.

However, gm-crops have underlying negative effects to its environment and for the consumers. First, it is an environmental hazard because it...
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