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Short Reports

Style Guide for the development of short reports

Short reports can be presented as:
formal short reports or
Short reports are usually less formal and less complex in structure than long reports. Use a memorandum format when the report provides information, rather than analyses information. Clarify the required format with the person who requested the report.

Formal short report
Format a formal short report as follows:
The title page should show the following:
name of report
receiver’s name and title
writer’s name and title
Use the sample title page on page 3 as a template.
The table of contents (Page i) should include the following: all headings
page numbers.
The introduction (Page 1) provides background information to the report, e.g. what the report is about, why it is being prepared and the scope of the report. The body shows sections with headings which report the findings of the research undertaken. The conclusion summarises and evaluates the findings. Do not introduce any new information in the section. The recommendations (if required) show the actions which could be taken. The recommendations can be placed at the beginning of the report if appropriate.

The bibliography (if required) shows the sources of information consulted. For example, for a book:
McLaren, Margaret and Locker, Kitty O, 1995, Business and Administrative Communication, Times Mirror International Publishers, Artarmon. For a magazine or newspaper:
Hold, Gabriella, 2000, ‘Internet Frenzy Likened to Past Railroad Book’, The Courier Mail, 23 February, p. 33. The appendices and attachments include the following:
supporting material
copies of questionnaires used
The footer should include the name of the report, the file name, the date and the page number as follows:

(Name of report)(Date of report)
(File name)Page (No.)...
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