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Short Messaging Service: Advantages and Disadvantages
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SMS is technology that contributed varied beneficial services to the world and is used in different applications. These applications include business and trade, ebanking, as well as social and spiritual applications.

Indeed, mobile phones have made tremendous contributions to society and to mankind. From its inception as a tool of communication used only by deaf or hearing impaired individuals, SMS or Short Messaging Service had turned into a very powerful means of communication. Also, SMS had made the world smaller and much better as people rapidly gain access to mobile phones. Moreover, it created a new way of system of communication all together.

SMS Applications and Advantages:

SMS has countless contributions to the worlds and let's discuss some of them.

• Banking. SMS had contributed so much in terms of transactions like depositing and withdrawing money. Instead of people going to the banks to transact, the latter had instituted various ways so that the customers can perform bank transactions through short messaging service. This makes them complete their financial transactions with out leaving their offices and or their homes.

• Social Aspect. SMS has made old acquaintances and family members become continually in touch.

• Business. SMS allows for the sales and purchase of goods easier. By just sending and receiving text messages, both buyers and vendors of products need not have to meet face-to-face when trading.

• Spiritual Aspect. In religion and beliefs, SMS too had played a significant role in propagating the faith and inspiring the weary soul. Bible verses were now sent through text messages.

SMS Disadvantages:

Like any other technological advances, SMS has its own share of disadvantages. First of all, it is being used by unscrupulous people to blackmail others. Some crooked group of people will send you text messages stating that you have allegedly won in a lottery or promos. Then you'll find out that the aforementioned were not true and will only bribe you some amount of money.

SMS has made some families disintegrate in one way or another. Husbands and wives can be occupied sending text messages to some friends or colleagues. Rather than talking to one another and their children, they'll usually pick up the cell phone and text or play games. Likewise, children are communicating to their peers most often using text messages and lose quality time interacting with their parents. Sadly, their interaction, communication, and even relationship are endangered. Some users also became addicted to Short Messaging System.

Nevertheless, all is not yet lost in terms of getting the full potential of this new messaging tool. We only have to apply it in the way that we can maximize its usage and services. Sending scams, blackmails, and others with the same evil motives should be stopped at once. We can all start sending good and inspiring messages that will enable others to be uplifted and inspired to do what is right. We should not forget to interact with other individuals, as well. While SMS is a great help in communicating to people, face-to-face interaction should not be put aside. Technology like this is beneficial, but abusing it will ruin its true purpose and functions as to why it is invented in the first place.

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