Short History Paper

Topics: KILL, Love, Russia Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Peter Mercurio
February 8, 2013
North by Northwest

This is a movie about a man who gets his identity mistaken for a government agent’s. This movie starts with a man named Roger Thornhill going through his normal routine after work and meets up with his friends. As he is with his friends, two Russian agents mistake him for an American agent and capture him. He is taken to their boss and is asked questions that he obviously does not know. The boss, who is going by a different name, orders him to be killed. The Russians get him drunk so it appears that he committed suicide by driving off a cliff. Thornhill regains some of his soberness, and avoids the cliff but gets arrested by a cop for driving under the influence. He ends up paying bail and decides to look for the boss. He uses the boss’s fake name and finds out that it is a man who works at the United Nations. As he is talking with this man, a Russian who is following throws a knife at Thornhill but misses and hits the man. Thornhill pulls the knife out of the man’s back, but that action makes him look like the killer, so he runs for his life. Mr. Thornhill then gets on a train to Chicago and meets a woman who decides to hide him from the police. They end up falling in love on the train ride, but he does not know she is the mistress of the boss that ordered him to be killed earlier. They decide she can arrange a meeting in Chicago with the American agent he was mistaken for, but she sets him up to be killed. Thornhill gets to the meeting spot only to have a crop duster attack him. The crop duster ends up crashing and he hijacks a car and drives back to Chicago to meet with the girl. While in Chicago he finds out that the girl he loves is the mistress of the boss and starts to hate her. There is another attempt made on his life, but he escapes by being captured by the police. The police officers then take him to the airport in Chicago where he meets with a CIA agent who informs him that the...
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