Short Essay Pre Socratic Philosopher

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PHI/105 Introduction to Philosophy
Short Essay – Pre-Socratic Philosopher

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The Pre-Socratic philosopher that I have selected is Anaximenes, which is the third great Milesian philosopher. Anaximenes had the idea of everything was being done by the air, regardless of what was going through the air, it was based on air. He was the first philosopher who pronounced the basic substance to be was air through condensations and rarefaction. He was also the first to pronounce the quality pairs hot/dry as well as cold/wet. Anaximenes would use the evidence that at any time air was in a certain area, it will become something different, such as being in rarefied, it turns into fire; if it was condensed, it became wind and as it was moving through different condensations, it will eventually be turning into clouds, water, earth and finally stone. The philosophy that Anaximenes would be using is very compelling because everything in the world revolves air, just what we breath and animals and plants breath is air. The fire, the water, the clouds, the wind will not be set if there was no air, we need air to produce the clouds, the water is produce by the heat, and air that evaporates and becomes water. This is a very compelling idea because without air, there wouldn’t be a world. I also believe that Anaximenes was able to put air as the basic substance because it was something so minimal that is around everywhere but rarely would someone think of the air, whenever we think of life in the world. It was his philosophy to have his complete concentration to see that air was being part of everything that happens in life. If world didn’t have the philosophy from Anaximenes we might never know on how natural things in life work, such as humans growing, living and dying, its all because of need of air. A practical example from this philosopher is the fact that air

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