Short Essay on Poe's the Telltale Heart

Topics: Narrative, The Tell-Tale Heart, Disturbed Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Analysis of Poe’s Telltale Heart
This piece of writing could be interpreted as a duel between the narrator and the author. The speaker pleads for the audience's belief in their clarity of mind, and the authors determined effort soundly disproves this possibility. It's almost as if the author is taunting the narrator by writing the story so that their case is impossible to win, although the narrator has no inkling this is so. In the very first part of the story the narrator proclaims he had heard things in heaven, in the earth, and in hell. By writing this, the author is introducing the storyteller in such a way that they cannot be possibly be normal, because they think they have the ability to hear things that we know may not even exist. Moving through the scene, the narrator again insists in a love of the victim and a total lack of motive aside from a filmy eye. There is also the mention of a very slow realization that the man had to die because of this eye. In saying this, the author is again reminding us that in no way is the narrator an average person, since most people do come to the conclusion, after much thought, that the death of another person with solve the problem at hand. The narrator continues on in great detail about the way he stealthily goes on night after night peeking in on the victim. His ranting about the lantern and his slow movements while accomplishing this are his next argument, but again, Poe dances around this "logic" by stating the entirety of the process, where the narrator speaks to the victim each morning in between his prowling sessions. The great detail which the narrator takes in his "expert" night adventures is again thrown back at him as Poe includes the part about the faltering of his hand on the lantern which triggers the old man's alertness. If the narrator is truly a "perfect" night creeper, they wouldn't have made that mistake. The author continues to discredit the sanity of the storyteller with the passage about the...
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