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Topics: Epidemiology, African American, Death Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Cindy Fajardo
May 9 2013
Sociology 101
Essay 3

The Whitehall study revealed many things about the connection between health and wealth. One of major things that struck out in this study is that if a person has money than their health would be at a lower risk of diminishing, while the middle class families are more likely to die at younger ages. According to Dr. Whitehall people with a lower income have a higher chance of dying at a younger age because of the unbalanced amount of chemicals released in the body due to stress. In the movie race was also a very relevant issue. For example Jim Taylor was a white man who was born and raised in the same place that he is currently living. His financial state has always been in a very secure state. He grew up in a house that his parents owned and he currently owns his own house. His lifestyle is very much similar to the people who live in the same town as him which are more likely to live past their eighties. On the other hand you have Tondra Young who is an American African female in her late thirties. Young has had to work her way up to the middle class. She has a full time job at a hospital and her job as a lab supervisor keeps her on her toes. Always having a lot on her plate, Young lives under some pressure to always be on top of her game. She works at a job where slaking off is not permitted nor accepted. Tondra has recently bought her own house. Many people in Tondra’s community live the way that she does. The death rate in her community is at the average age of seventy five, which is a lower rate than that of Tim Taylor’s who is a wealthy white man. Then there are families like Corey Anderson and his wife which have been living in the same place for ever. Corey works a full time job to feed him family and his wife works one also. The conditions in which Corey and his wife are living are almost pushing him to get a second job. Corey says that almost every family in his neighborhood is struggling to...
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