Short Descriptive Going to Airport

Topics: Sleep, Bathroom, Shower, Parking lot, Bathtub, Automobile / Pages: 2 (351 words) / Published: Oct 28th, 2008
The ringing of my alarm clock awoke me, it was 5:30 am and I was about to go on holiday for a week, I was very excited because I had never been on a plane before and I was looking forward to taking a break because of the SATs I had just recently done.
When I got out of my bed I slowly stumbled towards the bathroom, I still felt half asleep and slightly bewildered. I get in the shower and sharply twist it on high, As I get out I feel awake and ready for the long journey ahead. I go into my room to put some clothes on, and grab my suitcase to put into the car. As I carry it down, I made sure I had some magazines to read because we had a 2 hour drive to the airport. I clamber into the car and put my headphones in and It felt like I could hear the sound waves in my head. I led down and started to fall asleep again.
I woke up at about 7 at a service station, I felt quite disorientated. I go inside and head towards the shop, I bought a drink and some chewing gum. We went to get some petrol and then headed towards the airport. The clouds seemed to part and the sun started to shine through. The mist in the air was crisp and clean.
We arrive at the airport and go to the parking area, The airport was a massive metal complex it was full of business men and people rushing around, we went to the ticket desk and had to wait in a queue of about 20 people, It seemed very tedious so I was reading my magazines to try and kill some time. As we check in we queue to go through the metal detector, There were alot of police around that area with guns at their sides, as we approach the metal detector, i walk through it almost anticipating it to bleep. but it didnt. i briefly look around and carry on

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