Short Biography: IA Richards

Topics: Literature, Aesthetics, Psychology Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: July 5, 2013

I.A Richards is a well-known critic of the age of interrogation PRINCIPALS OF LITERY CRITICISM 2] PRACTICAL CRITICISM and COLERIDGE ON IMAGINATION are entirely his own works.’ The foundation of aesthetics ‘with C.K Ogden and James Wood. He also wrote ‘the meaning of meaning’ with Ogden. According to him, the world criticism has not touched in finding the answers for what kind of activity poetry is? What is its value? He firmly believes that the entry of psychology in art makes an impact on the reader and society. The nature of poetry:

I.A.Richards first examines the working of human mind to explain the nature of poetry. He says that it is a system of impulses which may be defined as the reactions produced in the mind by some stimulus and culminating in an act. For him poetry is a representation the uniquely ordered state of mind. Poet is interested in recording the happy play of impulses.
Richards says that the communication of his experiences is the part of poet of poet’s work. The extent to which it arouses the same experiences can be known only by the extent to which it arouses the same experience has not been accurately embodied in the work. Being communication in separable from poetic experiences, Richard’s examines two kinds of language poetry used ‘referential or scientific and emotive. The words may be used for the sake of references they promote and they may be used for the sake of attitudes and emotions. While science makes statements, poetry makes pseudo-statement. A statement says something and it is justified by truth. But a pseudo-statement is only a statement in name. For him poetry speaks not to the mind but to the impulses. The value of poetry:

I.A.Richards is of the view that the values of poetry lies in experience. This results from the play of impulses. He says that the impulses are of two kinds namely ‘appentencies’ and ‘aversions’....
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