Short Biography: Angela Salawa

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Blessed Angela Salawa was born on September 9, 1881, in Siepraw, Poland. She was born into a large family of 11, of Bartlomiej and Ewa. Angela was the youngest of nine brothers, and two sisters. Her childhood was tough for the most part. Angela’s family was often malnourished, causing them to be sick a lot.

At the age of 16, she moved in with her older sister Therese. Angela went to school for some years to learn how to read and write. However, she struggled with spelling and punctuation. She began to read more and more about Christ and his wonderful works. This influenced her greatly, when she joined the Association of Saint Zita in her late teenage years.

Bl. Angela Salawa was very generous and loving. The things she did for other people makes Angela a hero in my eyes. She started off instructing young women domestic workers. During World War II she aided prisoners of war, without discriminating against people of different race and/or religion. She continued learning more about the teachings of God and took notes on everything she read. On March 15, 1912, she joined the Secular Franciscan order.

Angela showed how much she cared about other people and their needs. She is a prime example to us that you can overcome any barrier or obstacle with grace. Even when Angela was sick and weak, she still helped the sick and the poor. Angela always showed great maturity and was never afraid to stand up for her faith. She died on March 12, 1922 from a terrible disease. Pope John Paul II proclaimed her Blessed Angela Salawa on August 13, 1991 (Borelli). I can imitate the life of Bl. Angela Salawa by reading more in-depth about how Christ suffered for us. I can make more of an effort to donate to the poor and hungry. I could volunteer at soup kitchens or at nursing homes. Salawa led a Christ-like life that affected many people’s lives. Her feast day is celebrated on March 1
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