Short Answer Quiz Module 4

Topics: Society, Money, Economic anthropology Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: June 30, 2015
1. Define the three modes of distribution located in your text. Select one and describe its potential advantages over the others in a particular situation. Reciprocity- which creates and maintains a social equality. It makes everyone involved feel like they all belong and are equal and because many are involved the act of the exchange does make all parties equal. Generalized reciprocity is the mode most commonly used by “mobile foragers” groups that move around and is considered more like sharing and also balanced reciprocity which is a more formal exchange that does use a form of accounting. Redistribution is the 2nd mode of distribution, in this case the goods are collected and then redistributed more widely however unlike reciprocity it maintains the social inequality. The final mode is Market exchange is what in our society is currently used. Which unlike its 2 counterparts it is not about treating people according to their social standing but it is all about business and the value is in the things that are being traded not in the people doing the trading. I think the advantages for each situation lies in the society it is used in, for example, in nomadic societies where everyone is constantly moving around from place to place reciprocity is best used since they are all helping each other out and can’t really bring along too many things of value that will not help them in their day to day life. For our type of society market exchange is the best solution and the one I see as being the best for our society since we are capable of trading on multiple levels and have property and monetary items that are of different values that can be traded, sold or borrowed. 2. Everyone we know is undoubtedly a consumer. Explain the idea of consumption in the modern world. How could it be looked at in both a negative and positive light? Make sure to defend your answers. Since consumption has to do with things that we need to survive, everyone is a consumer and therefore is...
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