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By mochabrown816 Feb 23, 2014 727 Words

Thesis Outline/Draft
People need to purchase items such as clothing, and now have the choice to shop online or make purchases in the traditional manner. I. Online shopping has increased and changed the way people shop. 1) There is convince having the ability to shop from home.

*With the introduction of internet shopping online has become popular. Shopping online allows access to merchandise sold world wide. It is a growing part of retail. Online shopping is time saving and convenient. There is often no cost for traveling when ordering items online. 2) People do not have to interact.

*Shopping online an individual does not have face to face transactions. There is limited person to person interaction with online shopping. People do not have to deal with crowds or unwanted socializing. Ording items online can occur around the clock without the needing another persons assistance. A person can make returns and purchases with the click of a computer mouse. 3) Security of personal information and merchandise.

*Reliable shopping websites offers a secure way to make transactions. PayPal is a company ( that offers a reliable and secure way to make shopping online purchases. Using only secure sites will help secure personal information. Tracking numbers to track packages containing purchased items are often provided or can be requested. When making online purchase a confirmation can be sent to a personal email account if one has been provided. II. Traditional shopping offers things that internet shopping does not. 1) There is the ability to interact face to face with others. *When people go outside of their homes to shop they are able to socialize and make to acquaintances. With face to face shopping you can make sure that you are charged correctly. If someone is not charged correctly or mistakes have been made, a receipt is often given at the point of sell. It is easy to haggle for deals when shopping in person. Traditional shopping offers families and friends the chance to spend time together. 2) People can physically and visually check the quality of the merchandise. *With traditional shopping items to be purchased can be examined in advance of purchase. If the quality of an item is not what it should be it can be noticed quickly and easily when shopping traditionally. Some individuals prefer to look before they buy items to ensure they receive what they want. Shopping traditionally allows people the opportunity to do so. 3) It cost money to travel for shopping to make purchases.

* Traveling of some sort will happen when shopping the traditional way. The expense of gas or bus tickets should be considered. Factoring in the cost of travel with the amount intended for shopping can help those on a budget. When shopping traditionally quality products are often found various areas. Travel expense will occur. III. Peoples shopping experience varies depending on how they shop via online or traditionally. 1) Some people enjoy socializing when shopping while others do not. * People shop traditionally to spend time with family and friends. These people often enjoy socializing and are not concerned with crowds. Other people enjoy shopping online because of how convenient it is. People have different needs and desires. 2) Make sure personal information is secure and purchases are correct. *When shopping making sure personal information such as someone’s social security number is secure is important. Online shoppers and traditional shoppers should receive some proof of purchase once an item is purchased. Reviewing the receipt of any purchased item will aid with corrections if needed. Keeping record and receipts will also help if an item purchased needs to be returned or is defective. 3) The quality of merchandise, who, and how items are purchased should be considered when shopping. *Shopping online or traditionally the seller’s reputation and credibility should be a consideration. Traditional shopping and online shopping offer the choice of who someone does business with. Quality and hard to find items are found easily on the internet and when shopping the traditional way. III. Conclusion

4) With the introduction of internet shopping individual can choose to make purchases online or in person. Online shopping has a large consumer market, but people also enjoy face to face transactions when shopping. The quality of merchandise, who, and how items are purchased are things considered when shopping. How someone chooses to shop depends on personal preference. The choices is yours.

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