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The foundation of Shoppers' Stop was laid on October 27, 1991 by the K. Raheja Corp. group of companies. Being amongst India's biggest hospitality and real estate players, the Group crossed yet another milestone with its lifestyle venture - Shoppers' Stop. From its inception, Shoppers' Stop has progressed from being a single brand shop to becoming a Fashion & Lifestyle store for the family. Today, Shoppers' Stop is a household name, known for its superior quality products, services and above all, for providing a complete shopping experience. With an immense amount of expertise and credibility, Shoppers’ Stop has become the highest benchmark for the Indian retail industry. In fact, the company’s continuing expansion plans aim to help Shoppers’ Stop meet the challenges of the retail industry in an even better manner than it does today. VISION

“To be a global retailer in India and maintain its No. 1 position in the Indian Market in the Department Store Category.”


“Nothing but the best.”

The Supply chain Philosophy at Shoppers Stop Limited

‘Transforming the company’s supply chain into a optimally efficient, customer satisfying process- where efficiency of the whole supply chain is more important than the efficiency of each individual department ‘ Having a philosophy is not enough, it’s important to integrate the philosophy into actions and activities to see the practical manifestation of the Vision for Supply Chain as well as to fulfill Shoppers Stop Vision.

How Shoppers is practicing its Philosophy –

➢ By Coordinating and integrating all activities associated with moving products, services and information into a seamless process. ➢ By embracing all partners in the chain including various departments, vendors, carriers and other service providers. ➢ By installing the information systems necessary to monitor these activities. The question arises why it has to do all those which is mentioned above, the reason for that is - ➢ First class products and brand power no longer guarantee success in aggressive battle for market share. ➢ It is important to get closer to customer by knowing what they want, when they want it, where they want it and at what price they want it ➢ To stay in the market it’s important to respond more accurately to actual customer demand by minimizing the flow of material at every point in the pipeline and keeping inventory to a minimum. ➢ To derive competitive edge by giving better service through shorter cycle times

Keeping in mind all these the Vision for the Supply Chain At Shopper Stop is – “Build a collaborative supply chain seamlessly integrating with all partners like vendors, service providers and Perfectly aligned to operational and service requirements of the customers” The Supply Chain Objectives covers 3 main areas

➢ Customer Objectives
➢ Partner Objectives
➢ Organization Objectives

The Customer Objectives
➢ Customer should always gets the merchandise of his / her size and choice

➢ Merchandises should be always presentable and ready before customer entry

➢ Customer should easily locate price tags and product information

➢ Price on the price tag and Point of Sale System should always match

➢ Timely replenishment of fast moving merchandise

Partner Objectives

➢ Partners always deliver the right quantities as per schedule

➢ Partners should always be paid as per credit terms

➢ Sharing of information with partners related to sales stocks and purchase orders

Organization Objectives
➢ Continuously working on the Customer Response Time

➢ Ensure Merchandise Availability

➢ Reduce the Shrinkage

➢ Efficiency of executive time

➢ Collaboration with Partners

The focus of this report is to look at the initiatives, taken by Shoppers Stop to integrate and collaborate with its suppliers to give value to its...
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