Shoeless Joe

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Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella
Section A: The novel, Shoeless Joe, by W.P. Kinsella is set on Ray Kinsella’s farm, in Iowa City, during the 1970’s. During the 1970’s, the ownership of farms was quickly decreasing because larger companies started to buy them off the small owners. The Kinsella farm had acquired great value and even though Ray’s brother-in-law Mark pushed him to sell it, he would always turn down the offer or suggestion. Ray had heard a voice say to him “If you build I, he will come.” He knew that from this repeated phrase he must build it. It was in fact eventually built, the baseball field later became a huge success.

Section B: Ray Kinsella is a small, yet very productive farm located in Iowa. Ray holds a strong love for four things in his life. Iowa being one of them, yet his wife, Annie, is the greatest along with the love of his daughter Karin. Baseball also holds a large place in his heart. Ray is a man to act upon his instincts along with his dreams. He heard a voice so he did as the voice told him. Even though Ray Kinsella is one to act upon instincts, he does not have his priorities straight and in order. The Kinsella family was falling drastically behind on their mortgage payments. However, that did not seem to phase Ray too much. He was more worried about building the baseball field. His entire savings were used up to build the baseball field. That also, did not seem to bother him. Ray was born in the same month of his father. They both shared a strong love for the game of baseball and the players in it. His wife, Annie Kinsella, always supported him and “Never once called him crazy. (Shoeless Joe page 5).”

Annie Kinsella is Ray’s very supportive wife. Her hair is the color of ‘cayenne pepper’ and is covered in freckles. She is 24 years old and could easily pass for a 16 year old girl. Annie is one to speak her mind when she fears of Ray’s ideas. She was born and raised in the state of Iowa and after her a Ray were married she had talked him into renting the farm after the first year of their marriage. She is an intelligent woman, and definitely makes that known. However, Annie does not know when to limit Ray to what he can do. They do not have much money and she allowed him to take what he needed without really worrying about the mortgage. Karin is a jumpy girl. She is the daughter of Ray and Annie Kinsella. She is young, full of life, is very much so a “daddy’s girl” and also shares a deep love for baseball. Karin loved to climb in Ray’s lap and watch the baseball game on T.V. He always spoke of this ‘magic’ in Karin. As soon as Karin knew there would be a game on the Kinsella field, she would attend it with a hot dog and soda. Jerry Salinger was a very talented and successful author. However, because of how successful he was, privacy was out of the question. He moved away to get away from the fame and to live in peace the way he first intended. Salinger wrote the very controversial book Catcher in the Rye, he stopped publishing other books after this one was published. Jerry gave things up too easily. It was probably his biggest downfall. As soon as he became too influential and famous he gave it up. He gave up writing because it became too much of a nuisance to him.

Joseph Jefferson (Shoeless Joe) Jackson was the left fielder for the Black Sox. He was banned from player MLB after the Black Sox scandal in 1919. It was said that he and seven other teammates threw away the World Series. It is still one of the most controversial topics in baseball. He is a tall man. He is a very talented baseball player and in April of 1945 Ty Cobb named him the best left fielder of all time. A famous sports journalist named his glove as “a place where triple go to die” (Shoeless Joe page 6). He is quiet and inspirational. And also takes part in a strong love for baseball. Section C: The plot of the story was a continuous roller coaster. It began describing the childhood of Ray Kinsella with...
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