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Topics: Black, Water, Coconut oil Pages: 7 (1926 words) Published: August 16, 2013
The Feasibility of Charcoal and Coconut Oil As Shoe Polish

Science Investigatory Project

Submitted By:
Prince Charles J. Rosario
Angelico Lemuel Galangan

Submitted To:
Mrs. Vilma Delino

Gr. 7-Love

After the financial crisis erupted in late 1990’s until today,more people seemingly shifted,or partly,used traditional fuel in cooking their food.There was a tremendous increase in demand for charcoal as fuel.Since then,a significant increase in supply of charcoal also came to the country. By this,the researchers find another use of the raw material,coconut oil was believed to be useful as a shoe polish.T his study aims to determine the feasibility of charcoal and coconut oil as a shoe polish. Using a mortar and pestle,dried charcoal blocks were pounded and powdered.Meanwhile,using a clean cloth,the milk was extracted from the kernel ,then collected in a clean container.The milk was then heated until tha oil was formed.Charcoal and coconut oil were prepared in three different solutions,Solution A has 7.5 grams Charcoal and 2.5 mL coconut oil,Solution B has 2.5 grams charcoal and 7.5 mL coconut oil,Solution C has 5 grams charcoal and 5 mL coconut oil.Three pairs of black leather shoes,but not completely identical,were used as a sample to this study.Each pair was applied with one solution labeled accordingly,The pairs of shoes were observed for two weeks.Each pair was assessed texture,color,and the number of days the shine lasted. Towards the end of my study,I found out that Solution C,composed of 5 grams charcoal and 5 mL of coconut oil,is the best possible ratio that can be used in preparing a good shoe polish.Shoes A,applied with Solution A ,turns into coarse and rough texture.It became dark black,but gave a minimal shine to the shoes.Shoes B ,applied with Solution B,tuned into oily and smooth texture.The greater amount of coconut oil than charcoal,made tha shoes greasy and shiny.But it added minimal color to the shoe,and did not last long .Shoes C applied with Solution C,gave intensified black color to the shoes,gave it a smooth texture,and retained its glossiness and looked polished for a longer span time.

5 gramsCharcoal
5 mlCoconut Oil
Mortar and pestle
a) Preperation of Charcoal and Coconut Oil
Materials to be used are gathered and prepared.Using a mortar and pestle,dried charcoal were pounded and powdered.The powdered charcoal was separated in a clean container. Menwhile,pre-ginded kernel of mature coconut were soaked in warm water .Using a clean cloth,the milk was extracted from the kernel,then collected in a clean container and cooled. b)Preparation of the Solution

Three small bottles were prepared and labeled according to the ratio charcoal and coconut oil to be used.Charcoal was measured in a small wheighing scale,while the commercial skin oil was measured by a measuring cup .Solution A has 7.5 grams charcoal and 2.5 mL coconut oil.Solution B has 2.5 grams charcoal and 7.5 mL coconut oil.And Solution C has 5 grams charcoal and 5 mL coconut oil. c)Application of the Solutions

Three pairs of black leather shoes were used in the application of the solution.Each pair was labeled according to the letter assigned to the different solutions prepared.The solutions were applied with separate clean rags.Shoes A were applied Solution A.Shoes B were applied with Solution B.And Shoes C applied with Solution C. d)Data Gathering And Assesment

The solutions were set aside for five minutes after it was prepared,then characteristics were observed. The three pairs of black leather shoes were observed for two weeks.each pair was assessed texture ,color and the number of days the shine last.Observations and assessment were recorded everyday to update the...
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