Shock: Blood and Light Blanket

Topics: Blood, Heart, Blood vessel Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Shock is one of the features most commonly present after accident, injury or sudden illness, especially if the sudden illness is characterized by pain. The essential factors in shock is a lowered blood pressure. Shock may be 1.Primary – This occurs actually at the of the accident or sudden illness. 2.Secondary – This may not develop until several hours after the accident or sudden illness and is usually very serious. There are several terms used to classify shock; probably the two most commonly used are 1.Oligamic shock

2.Neurogenic shock
Oligamic shock – This occurs when the tissues have been damaged and there is loss of blood or fluid from the circulation. It is very commonly present in the following circumstances. -Fractures
-Burns and scalds
-After surgical operations
-In any sudden illness associated with extreme pain, such as perforated gastric ulcer or coronary thrombosis. -In severe vomiting and diarrhea
Neurogenic Shock – this may happen when no specific injury has taken place but when the emotional upset has occurred. It can occur in the following circumstances. -In states of fear
-In states of high emotion due to bad news.
-Being involved in an accident although not physically injured. -Due to exposure
Shock may be defined as a depression of the vital centers in the medulla oblongata due to it’s being depleted or sufficient blood supply”

In Oligemic Shock, the main factors that is involved is loss of fluid from the body or a reduction in the circulating blood. Because of this, the presence of a lowered blood pressure can easily be understood. The circumstances under which blood or fluid is lost from the body varies. in haemorrhage, large amounts of blood may be lost. In burns and scalds, substancial amount of fluid can be lost. In fracture, a substancial haemorrhage may occur and this can be over looked as the haemorrhage will be internal. IN NEUROGENIC SHOCK; The lowered blood pressure is not always so...
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