ships of slaves- the middle passages

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, African people, African Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: April 18, 2014

Ships of Slaves- The Middle Passages

The ships of slaves-The Middle Passages documentary, reinforced chapter 2 in our textbook. The documentary appropriately identified The Middle Passage; the black holocaust. The similarities are apparent. The documentary started by retelling the story of the Portuguese prince, Henry the Navigator, and how he acquired 12 slaves which started the initiation of the middle passage. I enjoyed how music, dance, poetry, and storytelling all were fused together to portray a powerful message. The universal theme and ending message that I grabbed from the documentary was in order for us to progress forward as a culture, to understand who and what we are, it is important to understand where we came from and what we have had to endure. It truly awakened my senses.

The sound of metal on metal resulting from the toiling of the shackles unloving hugging the limbs of the slaves is what resonates to me from watching the documentary. Two very distinct contrasts of sounds were presented in this documentary that echoed in my head. One is the sound of happiness and strength, it is the sound of beautiful African people dancing and moving. Free birds expressive in the wind with their bodies. Why do they dance? They dance because they have happiness from within that cannot be broken. They dance for their ancestors and they dance for their family legacy. They dance to release strength and power that’s natural from their cultural beginning. Brown bodies with elegant curves dance in the darkness. In contrast, I heard the sound of hate the sound of hurt and pain. I heard the sound of feet tired of walking to a place of unknown for unknown reasons. Raw feet I heard, bleeding pain of misery and peeling away slowly the happiness from walking bare foot on the ground that once supported them. The walk I heard was slow and dark as if every step was a decision to be obedient or break free. I heard the metal clattering together and I heard years and...
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