Shipboard Training

Topics: Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Suez Canal Pages: 4 (1504 words) Published: August 9, 2013
My Shipboard Training

It started June 09, 2012, together with 9 Filipino crew embarked MV CAPE LIBERTY at Kakogawa, Japan. I felt excited although it's not my first time I'm in a ship, but for a almost a year i will stay with 16 Filipinos and 4 other crews that are Koreans. The first day, the chief officer called me, and i introduced myself, and I'm surprised that he knows about the academy. Because he had also a cadet of PMMA, 3/O joebert Santos graduated last 2011. My chief officer told me that i will be dayman together with bosun for 6 months, then 2 months each for 3rd,2nd, and chief officer. In that day my 3rd officer told me about the equipments that can be seen in the bridge. Then, after the completion of discharging of cargo, we left japan and headed to abbot point, in australia. The voyage took about 10 days before arrival. The day after we left japan, we had a emergency drills such as, fire drills, abandon ship drills man over board drills and etc. that day is also my birthday, because im a new crew, they dont know that its my birthday, but still its Saturday, we have some drinks. While we are underway we first clean the deck and the outside accommodation after that we started to clean all the cargo holds. It took 6 days to finish all 9 cargo holds, because there are too many residues left and its hard to clean if the cargo is iron ore. I was excited, because they told me that there will be an extra pay for that work. Then we arrive in australia, but we have to anchor first, we've anchored for almost 3 weeks. While we are at anchor the chief officer give his job order. We have to remove all the rust in the hatch coaming, and paint it full coat. Then we start, we used gindula and bosuns chair. It is a very dangerous work, because the crew are hanging 25 feet high above the flooring of the cargo hold. But after that very dangerous work, at night we used to catch fish, and make it a "pulutan" almost every night we drink but not so much. Then, some of...
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