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Attendance for Owners H&M Underwriters towage warranty survey and local MSA towage survey for the voyage from Shanghai to Kholmsk.|

S.No| Item|
1| Introduction|
2| General Layout|
3| Towing Equipment|
4| Stinger|
5| Brief overview of pipe laying operations|
6| Sea securing|
7| AHT Posh Constant|

Attended on board the PLB Fortuna at ZPMC shipyard dock ‘0’, from June 04 to June 19 for the purpose of assisting the Owners H&M Underwriters tow worthy warranty surveyor from M/S Bureau Vogtschmidt and local MSA towage survey for the voyage from Shanghai to Kholmsk. The purpose of the tow worthy survey was to ensure that all loose items on the barge are secured to be able to withstand the forces that could be experienced on the sea passage and that both the tug and barge were sea worthy. The surveyor took rounds daily to have a look at the existing conditions and to outline his expectations/requirements. The Fortuna had been in ZPMC shipyard since December 2010, for the fitting of a new stinger, and due to the long duration of stay in dry-dock the scope and volume of work required for the sea securing was quite large. However the crew worked very hard to ensure that vessel passed the tow worthy inspection and the certificate was finally issued on June 19, 0700LT (1) hour prior the scheduled departure time. In addition to having photographs of the sea fastenings taken as below have also included general information about the Fortuna and its pipe laying operations. It was also however noted that instead of the new officers who joined being initially trained or taught about the practical operations and handling of the barge, too much emphasis was instead being given to deal with the “audit” findings of the EXXON, including detailed power point presentations for the same but just a cursory explanation of the actual operation of the barge. 1. Securing on deck.

2. Securing in pipe laying gallery.

3. Securing on deck.

4. Securing on deck.

5. Securing on deck.

General Layout:
Fortuna is a pipe laying barge built ex ZPMC shipyard in 2010, general dimension as given below. She has an forward accommodation consisting of 4 accommodation decks and a helicopter deck. The pipe laying gallery is on the port side of the vessel and the center and starboard deck are free for pipe and miscellaneous equipment storage. The stinger purpose built for this project is installed on the aft port side of the vessel in line with the pipe laying gallery. The barge has (1) fixed crane on starboard main deck and (1) crawling crane. Towing equipment and (2) anchor windlasses are located forward of the vessel. Side and bottom scanning sonar’s are to be fitted on the aft end of the barge. Dimensions:

Length| 161.0mtr|
Breadth| 46.0mtr|
Depth| 13.50mtr|
GT| 39989|
NT| 11996|

Pictures as attached:
1. Stinger
Main deck.
Pipe laying gallery
Pipe and equipment storage area
Fixed crane
Crawling crane

2. Forecastle deck
Emergency towing chain
Towing chain
Anchor handling wire

3. Bridge.

4. Helicopter deck.

5. Accommodation block.

Towing Equipment:
The Fortuna has towing equipment as below located on the forecastle deck. In addition to the below the vessel also has an emergency tow wire which is rigged on the starboard side along with a floating line and Norwegian buoy. 1. Forward starboard.

Towing Smit bracket
Emergency wire Towing Smit bracket

2. Forward center.
Delta plate
Towing pendant
Chaffing chain

3. Forward Port.

Towing Smit bracket

4. Towing connections.
Port Chaffing chain

Emergency towing wire
Starborad chaffing chain

5. Rigging of emergency tow wire.

Emergency towing wire running along starboard side

6. Norwegian Buoy and floating rope for emergency towing wire.

7. Tow connection.

The A-frame stinger designed especially...
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