Shinto Creation Story

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Creation Story of Japan
In the Shinto creation story, it begins off by talking about the birth of the first gods and how the earth and heaven were not separated. The two began to separate in which the heaven was composed of lighter elements and earth was composed of the heavier. A green plant emerged which sprouted and created the first god. In chapter two, “the seven divine generations” were created. The deity the Male-Who –Invites and the Female-Who-Invites are the two main gods that help create islands. In chapter three, the heavenly gods command Izanagi and Izanami to “’make, consolidate, and give birth’” to Japan (Shinto, 49). The heavenly deities gave the pair a spear which they dipped in the ocean and stirred. When they pulled out the spear, a drip of the brine formed the island. In chapter four, they descended from heaven and onto this island. Soon after, Izanami notices that she has a body part that was not fully formed and Izanagi had a part that was overly formed. Izanagi suggested that it would be good to have sexual intercourse which would create new land. The two went around the pillar, and Izanami said the first words then Izanagi spoke. After they both finished talking, Izanagi told Izanami that it wasn’t fit for a woman to speak first. They continued and created a “leech-child” which they put in a boat and let it float away. In chapter five, they went back to heaven and spoke to the heavenly deities about their failures. The gods told them that the reason they were not successful was because the women spoke first. Izanagi and Izanami went back to the island and tried again but the man spoke first. They gave birth to eight islands. Izanami dies and Izanagi tries to revive her but fails. In chapter 33, the grandson of Amaterasu rules the land. Later, living things such as humans were created. In the creation story of Japan, you can tell that there was a hierarchy and a patriarchal system. The heavenly deities (less chaotic) were above all the...
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