shindler's list

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Schindler's List

At the time of Hitler , a man, Oskar Schindler businessman , opposes the ruling regime in their country and fight his way to the holocaust that he is living . He uses his fortune to hire Jews in concentration camps in order to work for him and save their lives. Shortly after he made a list with the names of the winners he will live save until the end of the war . One morning from the top of a hill, where he had taken a ride, his look falls on a Jewish girl in red coat who manages to escape surveillance German and hide in his house. Shortly after the crematorium Schindler presence of bodies in the barracks , which recognizes the dead girl in the red coat , carried in a wheelbarrow. This will start the reflection of Oskar Schindler who begins to see the Jewish world more closely. However what is more shocking when Schindler reflects and laments not having gotten to recruit more Jews to save their lives . It is a film that shows the worst and best thing a man can give himself ... They say money can not buy happiness , but in this case , not only buy happiness but also the freedom and life. In this film, which is based on a true story, it takes us back to World War II shows us from the heart of those who suffered most : the Jews. Oskar Schindler never claimed to be a hero, but if he was able to solve the Jewish question your way building in Krakow concentration camp that was once a factory, that behind the walls of these thousands of Jews were housed.

How is the treatment of the Jews of Krakow reflects Schindler's List ? Is reflected in a very realistic way , where you can see the cruel and uncaring toward Jews surviving in crowded camps and facing many difficulties and humiliations. The Jews were murdered indiscriminately exploited and those who were less able to work were selected and transported in appalling to be eliminated in gas chambers or crematoria conditions. Life in the Ghetto :

What were the key things you need to survive?
What were the main problems that the Jewish population of the Ghetto had to face ? The Ghettos were usually divided into two parts, one the Jews that could be used as occupationally year were very cheap labor , and the other Jews with a higher probability of being eliminated. The main thing to survive in the Ghetto was to be an indispensable worker and have the necessary health to work . Moreover, as they could not trade within the Ghetto , economic activity was reduced to the exchange of goods. From what you saw in Schindler's List ;

What are the things that attracted Schindler in Krakow ?
What did you expect to get from your stay in the city ?
Schindler comes to Krakow with the intention to exploit the war in their economic benefit. Schindler 's intention was to leave Kraków with "three or four trunks full of money ". How do we see Oscar Schindler helping Jews when they are transferred to Plaszow camp ? How did he try to make sure they had a chance of survival?

Why the final liquidation of the Ghetto was a defining moment in the life of Schindler? Looks to Oscar Schindler desperate to give a last hope for life to Jews who were transported by train to the Plaszow camp in inhumane conditions ( limited space , many Jews) Schindler tries to give them hope watering wagons and asking the driver to provide them with water stops . This act by Schindler was considered by the Germans as cruel and heartless because it gave them hope when they went to death. Schindler is forced to decide between his goal of enriching comply spend their money trying to save the maximum number of Jews and finally decides to spend all his money capital in saving the lives of Jews after a chat with Stern. Stern Only choose people who have the skills required for the factory? Why choose the man with one arm?

What qualities do you have in mind many of these people ?
Why do you want to save ?
Stern not only includes people who have skills required for working in Schindler's factory , but chooses...

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