Sherry Turkle

Topics: World, ELIZA, The Real World Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: November 19, 2013

Technology: The Monster of Tomorrow
Sherry Turkle saw the truth about our society that many are too blind to realize; people are replacing one another with technology. Future generations should be aware of how much they rely on technology. Today’s society relies so much on technology and less on one another that we are living in times that ultimately leaves us “alone together.” We should be fearful for a world satisfied with the “companionship” of a computer versus from another person because mankind will become hermits. Sherry Turkle opens her book with the chapter “Nearest Neighbors”, in this chapter she introduces us to ELIZA and Tamagotchis.ELIZA was a program that engaged in conversing with humans. Although ELIZA really did not really comprehend the discussion the program would use world play and simply just restate what was said in question form, and this made humans feel as if they could confide in ELIZA. Children are growing up believing inanimate objects possess qualities that make them alive; toys like the Tamagothi and Furby require so much attention from children they seem to forget they are not alive but instead running on batteries. Certain “Robots” cause children at young ages to feel connected. When I was a child AOL had popular robot instantmessangers that my friends and I would use. These instantmessangers were very similar to ELIZA; although we knew they were not real we still conversed as if they were real people talking to us. My friends and I’s feelings closely relate to those of the Weizenbaum student’s. “I have watched hundreds of people type a first sentence into the primitive ELIZA program. Most commonly began with “How are you today?” or “Hello.” But four or five interchanges later, many are on to “My girlfriend left me,” “I am worried that I might fail organic chemistry,” or “My sister died.”(23.) When I communicated with theses “robots” similar to ELIZA I would also confess my heart even though they could not show back any true...
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