Sherman Act

Topics: William Jennings Bryan, Populist Party, The Wizard of Oz Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Dorothy|I represent the American people at their best. I am loyal, determined and resourceful. You could say I represent the way Americans wish to see themselves. I have a big heart, I am daring and I am an example of the kind of woman the suffragettes wanted to promote their cause. I am from Kansas which was popular with the Populist Party in the 19th century| Wizard|I represent the president of the United States. In the movie, I am seen differently through the eyes of each character. The Tin Man believes the Wizard is a giant beast, the Scarecrow believes the wizard is a fairy, Dorothy thinks he appears as a big head, and the Lion sees the wizard as a ball of fire. I, like politicians, adopt a different appearance for each character. Like a politician, I am viewed in different eyes by different people| Oz|I am representative of the measurement (oz. is the abbreviation for ounce) of gold and silver. The populists argued for “Bimetallism” - having both gold and silver as a monetary standard.| Scarecrow|I represent the Midwest farmers. Some believe I did not have the brains to see and embrace my own interests. I also represent both wisdom and knowledge. I can see that we need more capital and fewer business people in charge. In the end, I am left in charge.| Tin Man|I represent industrial workers and the dehumanization of industrial labor. I also represent the depression of the 1890’s. When Dorothy first finds me, I am rusty because I have not been used in a while. At this time many factories closed and many people were left unemployed| Lion|I represent William Jennings Bryan. I was the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 1896. I embraced many Populist issues, especially free silver. The Populist Party thought this would allow farmers greater access to credit. Because of this agreement, the Populist Party endorsed me. Unfortunately, this was the wrong decision because I lost the election. So you could say, despite my loud roar and presence,...
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