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Sherlock Holmes

By ahmetaj Nov 09, 2010 298 Words
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
(My Favorite movie)

I’ve seen many movies but my favorite is Sherlock Holmes. Originally Sherlock Holmes is a series of books written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is the main character in the book. He’s very famous for his intelligence, his observation skills and his forensic skills which made him the best detective of all time. In the movie the character of Sherlock Holmes is played by Robert Downey Junior which did a pretty good job in my opinion. The movie was made and directed by Guy Ritchie in the year 2009.

The story begins with a murder attempt of Dr. Blackwood the villain in the movie. He tries to kill a young woman with dark magic but Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Dr. John Watson crossed his plans. Watson is played by Jude Law which showed an amazing performance as well and Blackwood by Mark Strong. All of this is happening in 1891 in London. The movie showed the genius mind of Sherlock Holmes very well. I loved the scenes where Sherlock imagined in his head what the next step is going to be. For example when he disabled a man guarding the mysterious ritual Dr. Blackwood was doing in the beginning but I want to tell you as less as possible because I enjoyed the movie very much and can only suggest to see it with your own eyes.

Oh yes in the movie is a character that is behind the scenes all the time that is Professor Moriarty. It’s not for sure but I think and hope they are going to make Sherlock Holmes 2 and the story will base on the fight of two genius master minds Sherlock Holmes vs. Professor Moriarty.

Written by Ilir Ahmetaj

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