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Topics: Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett, John Watson Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: February 26, 2014
SHERLOCK HOLMES: The Golden Limping Stick
“My name is Sherlock Holmes.  It is my business to know what other people don't know”. -Sherlock Holmes 

The Golden Limping Stick, the invaluable heirloom of two of the leading figures in English Society which is Lord and Lady Monacle. Sherlock Holmes was asked to save Lord and Lady Monacle in an outrageous scandal and a possible exposure. Holmes and Watson investigated the treat of scandals disclosure; just too safely secure the limping stick and the royal family. There are collisions that could lead them into danger or confusions. Puns were often used in this scene which is truly great in a sense of humour. As the scene flows, the characters were flourish naturally and the sense that they actually make it more reliable. Furthermore, it is kind of a call for everybody to actually watch the movie or read the novel “Sherlock Holmes”.

“Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth” – Sherlock Holmes He felt that something is about to break and there was brick and a note attached to it. Watson scanned the anonymous letter and the note was written by a red-headed man with a wooden leg, three children, and a starving mother in Wolverhampton. It is an intimidation for Holmes to turn over the golden limping stick. Mr. X sent it but who is he? But Watson said that this could be the beginning of another dull and in penetrable mystery fraught with danger. They started to baffle thinking about the unknown person named “Mr. X”. Lady and Lord Monacle also received the anonymous letter from Mr. X threatening to slit their throats with a breadknife and also to expose their son who is involved with a common girl. The confusion remains to all of them. He conspiratorially put out of sight the limping stick behind a secret panel within the gas-meter cupboard over with cement. They initiated that the nameless “X” is not an actual...
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