Shell Pakistan

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Report on Shell Pakistan Limited

Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittalii
Executive Summaryiii
Shell at a Glance2
Shell Worldwide2
2009 Financial Performance3
Brief History5
Early Beginnings5
Merger into the Royal Dutch Shell Group5
1960s to the 1980s5
The Early 20th Century6
SWOT Analysis of Shell Pakistan Limited7
Questions on Challenges/Problems9
Answers on Challenges/Problems along with Questions15
Suggestions & Recommendations18


I owe a great many thanks to a great many people who helped and supported me during the writing of this book. My deepest thanks to my Facilitator, the guide of the project report for guiding and correcting various documents of mine with attention and care. He has taken pain to go through the report and make necessary correction as and when needed. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to my family and well wishers.

Letter of Transmittal

The Course Instructor,
Project Report,
Sir Adamjee Institute Management Sciences,

Respected Sir,
I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my thanks for the extra efforts you gave in the Project Report Course that you recently instructed. It is people like you who make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time it takes to ensure that all are comfortable with the content and understand it well. I think I can safely say you were well received by all!

You stand head and shoulders above others in the facilitation field and I appreciate the time you took to care. Once again, thank you for an outstanding job!


Affan Wassaf Siddiqui

Executive Summary

Shell’s operations and earnings are subject to risks from changing conditions in competitive, economic, political, legal, regulatory, social, industry, business and financial fields. Shell’s operating results and financial condition to fluctuating prices of crude oil, natural gas, oil products and chemicals. Shell’s future hydrocarbon production depends on the delivery of large and complex projects.

Challenges include uncertain geology, frontier conditions, the existence and availability of necessary technology and engineering resources, availability of skilled labor, project delays and potential cost overruns, as well as technical, fiscal, regulatory, political and other conditions. Shell faces significant competition in each of its businesses. While it tries to differentiate its products, many of them are competing in commodity-type markets. State-run oil and gas companies control vastly greater quantities of oil and gas resources than the major publicly held oil and gas companies. The Shell General Business Principles and Code of Conduct govern how Shell and its individual companies conduct affairs. Rising climate change concerns could lead to additional regulatory measures that may result in project delays and higher costs. In the long term, it is expected that both the CO2 intensity of its production as well as absolute CO2 emissions might increase.

The nature of Shell’s operations exposes it to a wide range of significant health, safety, security and environment risks. Shell operates in over 90 countries, with differing degrees of political, legal and fiscal stability. Shell’s international operations expose it to social instability, terrorism and acts of war or piracy that could significantly impact its business. Shell’s investment in joint ventures and associated companies may reduce its degree of control as well as its ability to identify and manage risks. Reliable information technology (IT) systems are a critical enabler of its operations....
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