Shel Silverstein

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Hailey Caldwell
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01. April. 2013.
Biography of Shel Silverstein
A successful American writer, Sheldon Allan Silverstein was an intelligent writer of many fields, such as poetry, cartoon, songs, plays, and books. He was extremely popular with his children’s books, and he presented himself as Uncle Shelby in these books. Shel’s books were so popular that they were translated into 30 different languages with 20 million copies sold. Early Years

Shel Allan Silverstein was born on September 5, 1930. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to a Jewish family. Shel had a dream of becoming a professional baseball player; he did not focus too much on taking care of his home but rather he spent most of his time drawing and playing ball. Shel tried to impress girls with his athletic “skills” but it was not too late before he realized he did not have the talent for it. After giving up his goal of becoming a professional ball player, he spent his time drawing. Education

He graduated from Roosevelt High School and was kicked out of the University of Illinois a year after his enrollment. He then attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and then transferred to Roosevelt University a year later as English major; this was when he really found out about his writing talents. Three years later, he enlisted into the United States army. Shel served in the United States army in the early 1950’s and fought in the Korean War. Works

After the war, he worked as a cartoonist for the American military newspaper, Pacific Stars and Stripes. He then worked for Playboy Magazine for 20 years. Shel Silverstein was a famous American poet for writing children’s books and his illustrations and was also very well known as a songwriter. Shel Silverstein began writing at the age of 12, due to the fact that he was not athletic and no girls took interest in him. Shel Silverstein was commonly referred to as “Uncle Shelby” in many of his children’s books. Shel Silverstein...
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