Sheep Management Plan - Production Essay

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Sheep Management Plan for Roseworthy Lamb Enterprise
Created 2010

Source: Orrie Cowie Merio and Poll Merino Stud (2010)
Project goals:
Mate Merino ewes with Poll Dorset rams to produce 900 --24kg export lamb carcass •Maximise profit on wool and lamb export carcass
Aim to produce at least 900 Merino x Poll Dorset lambs for export Key performance Indicators from Roseworthy feed demand calculator (2010) •Liveweight produced , sheep =140 tonnes
Liveweight produced per hectare allocated to sheep =281 kg/ hectare/ year •Pasture demand as % of pasture growth =55%
Pasture deficit, using freshly grown supply= 1000 tonnes / year •Pasture deficit, using supply with carryover = 353 tonnes / year Scope of Plan
Part 1: Manage pasture growth at Roseworthy
Part 2 : Manage reproduction of Merino ewes with Poll Dorset rams •Part 3: Lamb finishing strategy
Part 4: Manage wool quality of Merino ewes
Merino ewe: ME
Poll Doset ram:PDR
Merino X Poll Dorset lamb: MxPDL
Prediction calculations :
900 Merino ewe (each around 50-60kg; average 55 kg liveweight)=55x900=49500 kg •900 Poll Dorset ram (each around 60-70kg; average 65kg liveweight )=65x900=58500 kg •Predicted at least 900 lambs produced , each will be slaughtered at 21 weeks of age at 50kg= 900x50= 45000kg •Hectare of land needed per year : = 545 hectare of land /year

Part 1. Management of pasture growth at Roseworthy
Pasture management is important to produce food for ME , PDR and MxPDL. A high fertility pasture farming approach is chosen in order to meet the key target total sheep live weight 140tonnes (140,000kg). It is recommended that

per hectare allocated for sheep is 281 kg/hectare/ year (Figure 1.2). Pasture from Roseworthy provides enough feed supply from April to November (Figure1.1), stocking rate could be increased during this period of time. However, during summer in December, January, February and March, the sheep would not have enough...
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