She Stoops to Conquer

Topics: She Stoops to Conquer, Social class, Working class Pages: 17 (6046 words) Published: August 21, 2013

By Oliver Goldsmith Directed By Jonathon Munby


3. Introduction 4. Synopsis of the Play 6. Cast & Characters 9. Oliver Goldsmith 10. 18th Century England 13. Interview with Jonathan Munby, Liza Goddard & Matthew Douglas 16. Follow Up Ideas – Working with the story -‘I think that…’ 17. Follow Up Ideas – Working with the story -‘ Media Exposure’ 19. Follow Up Ideas - Working with the text – ‘In my own words..’ 21. Follow Up Ideas – Working with the text – ‘Soap Opera’ 22. Follow Up Ideas - Working away from the Text & the Story ‘Before, During & After...’ 23. Useful Websites


Welcome to this REP Insight teachers’ resource pack for She Stoops To Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith. A classic comedy of manners, She Stoops to Conquer has delighted audiences for over two centuries. First performed in 1773, the play is a rumbustious story about two young men, Charles Marlow and George Hastings and their attempts to court Kate Hardcastle and her friend Constance Neville. A number of delightful deceits, clever schemes, comic ruses and hilarious turns of plot must be played out if the two pending marriages are to conclude happily. Along the way, there is an abundance of merry mix-ups, bawdy dialogue, much sly satire of the times and one of the great characters of the stage, Tony Lumpkin. She Stoops to Conquer is an hilarious comedy of errors; the marvellous humour and humanity of Goldsmith's play have made it one of the most read, performed and studied of all English comedies. Leading the cast is one of the country's most accomplished comedy actresses. Lisa Goddard came to public attention in the hugely successful series, Take Three Girls. Since then she has worked on many of our best-known series including Pig In The Middle, The Brothers and Bergerac. This pack contains information relating to the play and ideas for further exploration of the themes. It also contains an interview with Jonathan Munby (Director), Liza Goddard (Mrs. Hardcastle) & Matthew Douglas (Marlow). We hope you find it useful. Helen Blackmore Education Associate Birmingham Repertory Theatre

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Act One opens with Squire Hardcastle and his second wife Mrs. Hardcastle bickering. Mr. Hardcastle teases his wife about her age and her son, Tony Lumpkin, whom she had with her first husband. Tony is a mischievous man, with a love for drink and trickery, but not much else. Mrs. Hardcastle is quite determined that her spoiled and rather stupid son shall marry her niece, Constance Neville. If they marry she will be able to keep in the family Miss Neville's fortune - a casket of valuable jewels. Miss Neville and Tony Lumpkin, however, can only agree on one thing; their hatred of each other. Miss Neville is secretly pledged to another young man, Mr. Hastings, who is friends with Mr. Marlow, the son of Mr. Hardcastle’s good friend Sir Charles. Hardcastle wants Marlow to marry his charming daughter Kate, but Marlow suffers from extreme anxiety when in the presence of young ladies of equal social standing and is barely able to speak. He suffers no such fear when in the presence of women of lower status, however, and successfully flirts with bar maids, servants and the like. The Hardcastle family are expecting the arrival of Marlow and his friend, Hastings. However, Hastings & Marlow have lost their way and stop at the village inn to get their bearings. Tony Lumpkin is drinking within and hears of the men’s plight. Being the mischievous fellow that he is he seizes the opportunity, along with his friends, of misguiding Hastings & Marlow and causing much merriment. He tells the...
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