She's the Man

Topics: Jealousy, Envy, Jealousy in art Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: June 16, 2013
She’s the Man~ Essay~
Jealousy can ruin a social relationship. This is proven in Andy Fickman’s film, ‘She’s the man’, a film which follows a girl who portrays her brother at his new school in order to play soccer. The ideas that a sudden disconnection for those who witness one involved romantically with the person they like can damage their relationship due to envy, dark feelings would arise for those who become jealous in a social relationship, and envy influences one to lie to themselves, and become dishonest in a social relationship, skilfully proves that jealousy damages a social relationship. When one witnesses their friend involved romantically with someone they love, the jealousy causes a distance in the relationship between the friends. This concept is shown in the film ‘She’s the Man’, in the scene where Duke sees Olivia and Sebastian embrace and kiss. The use of long shot present in this scene is used on the embracing couple to show the sudden disconnection between Duke and Sebastian/ Viola. Long shot is mostly used to demonstrate distance and a feeling that a subject is further away. By using long shot on this scene, it underlines a concept of Duke now having a distant relationship with Sebastian, since he is angry and jealous that Sebastian kissed the woman he loved. This therefore shows how a social relationship would be more distant due to envy when they witness their friend with someone they love. Those in a social relationship who become jealous of their friends cause dark emotions to arise. This is proven in the scene where Duke witnesses Olivia and Sebastian embrace, causing him to become envious of Sebastian. The skilful use of facial expression of Duke in this shot ideally demonstrates this notion. The contrast between the relaxed, grinning face compared to the face with deeply furrowed eyebrows and narrow lips can clearly show that Duke was feeling betrayed and shock when Olivia ran up to kiss Sebastian. The facial expression can show how...
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