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Running Head: First World Bank Savings and Loan
First World Bank Savings and Loan
John Lund
Online University ITT technical School

When encrypting backup files we first need to create a backup of the /etc and /var directories. This accomplishes with using the command: su c tar zcvf [filename] /etc /var once done the compressed tar archive with the name [filename] is created. This file will contain the contents of everything in the /etc and /var directories which will be encrypting the backup with des3 with openssl. The command: su c openssl des3 salt-in [filename] out [filename].des3 which encrypts the file and create a password for the backup. We will be using a dedicated server for our backups that will be stored on hard disks, tape media, or other media, and last part of the backup plan will be responsible for verifying backups and restoring data. I would use Amanda Enterprise backup software for a backup server and when required for any new Amanda Enterprise installation, but I will discuss this later. Amanda Enterprise has Zmanda Linux Client to be installed on every machine running Linux. Amanda Enterprise has features like Central management console, Full / incremental backup levels, Support for hard links, Support for sparse files, Timestamps unchanged, Include/exclude lists, Encryption, Compression, Uses tarAs will be implemented in out disaster recovery plan in the case where the backups will be created every day at the end of the business day need to be implemented system admins will be responsible. The need to encrypt backup data is critical because vital customer and business information can be found there and if it’s hacked we risk losing customers and numerous financial penalties.
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