Shc31 Why People Communicate

Topics: Communication, Developmental psychology, Childhood Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: June 28, 2011

Identification of the different reasons people communicate:

Communication-is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another.

People communicate for a number of different reason wome of which I have listed below.

-give informations/receive information
When a parent and teacher have a good communication relationship a child always benefits.They need to tell each other important information about a child. A teacher keeps a parent informed about exp. Childs progress at school, what kids of day a child had ,which school activities is school preparing.. On other hand is importand to receive an information from a parent too. Example- if a child is healthy, if he does not have any allergies, what he likes/does not like doing or just imformation about a day ,who is going to pick him up from school ..

-get to know each other
to promote healthy and happy development of a child we must know the child better. That is the reason why a teacher needs to talk to parent get information from him about what does child like,what is his favourite toy,what kind of food he likes to eat,if he has some friend in or out from school... These informations help us to understand a child better and sometimes even in difficult situation understand why a child was behaving that way and help us to figer it out how to deal with a child in that situation.

-to encourage
we use communication for encouraging children or co-workers. In a case of a child the purpose to encourage a child is to boost his self esteem.We only need to describe same good things about him which he believes.This way he himself is boosting his self esteem and genuinely feels happy about it,which produces the desired resulds.Describing good things which stimulates a child mind to praise himself becomes permanent in child's mind and help him boost his self esteem permanently....
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