Shc 34 Task 1 Duty of Care

Topics: Childhood, Abuse, The Child Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Duty of Care
In a work setting where we are working with children our duty of care is of utmost importance, we need to ensure that we do everything within our power to ensure that children and young people that use our setting get the best care possible and that no harm comes to them. When working with children and young people we not only have a duty of care to the children but also to their parents and carers who will be trusting and expecting us to provide the best care for their children. A duty of care is the legal obligation that we have, as practitioners, to keep children safe from injury, other people who may harm or abuse them and any extreme danger that may face them. This duty of care does not only apply within the setting but also extends to home life if you have and concerns about child, for example if you fear that a child is being abused in any way then it is within your duty of care to report that concern and to try and get the best support and care for the child in that situation.

Duty of care in the safeguarding and protecting of individuals. When it comes to our duty of care with regards to safeguarding and protection there are many aspects that need to be considered that effect upon different parts of our duty of care. Suitability to work with children

Any person that is going to be working your setting needs to have an up to date CRB check to ensure that they have no previous criminal convictions that could potentially pose a risk to the children and young people in your setting. Not only this but any person employed to work in your setting should have some sort of relevant qualification to be working with children and young people or at least be in training towards a qualification as parents and carers expect the best care for their children and this will only come from qualified professionals. Suitable Premises

A suitable premises consists of many things from using a safe building, that is not falling down or surrounded by busy...
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