SHC 21

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Paralanguage Pages: 2 (1094 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Why Do People Communicate?
People communicate in many different ways and also for many different reasons. There are a wide variety of ways in which people communicate however there are specific reasons as to why each individual does. For example: to give information to another individual

to receive information from another individual
to give instructions to another individual
to retrieve information from another individual
to discuss certain situations among individual(s)
to make individuals aware of their points or concerns they may have to express their requirements amongst individuals
to negotiate certain individuals
to develop their learning needs
An example in the work place could be for when a member of staff is instructed another colleague on how to change nappies for younger individuals in a certain way due to health and safety regulations. 1.2

How is Communication Affective Within Work?
Effective communication is vital within work as it is the key aspect of everything that you do. There are many different reasons as to why it is vital to ensure your role of work is run efficiently and well in which it enables you to develop your work within the child and young peoples era. You need to ensure your sending the right message to the other person to enable a correct response and for it also to be understood properly. It involves verbal communication, talking non-verbal and non-talking. These are the examples in which it is vital your communicating properly: ensure your being very clear to the other individual(s) about what your saying ensure that the other individual(s) understand what you are trying to say to them always ensure that you consider the other individual(s) point of view (adult or child) ensure you have a rapport with the individual in which your communicating to (child or adult) If you give clear communication then the other individual(s) will more than likely understand your views or even the message that you are trying to...
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