Shawshank Redemption

Topics: The Shawshank Redemption, Prison, Frank Darabont Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: August 22, 2013
An important idea represented in the film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ by Frank Darabont, is freedom. The 3 production techniques that helped me understand the theme were colour/ lighting, props/ costume and sound effects/ music

The idea freedom is presented in the scene earlier in the film when one of the prisoners asks Andy at the cafeteria ‘are you gonna eat that?’Andy didn’t want the food and handed it over which was fed to the tiny bird in the other mans pocket. The bird symbolizes freedom because when it had fully grown and was able to fly, it was set free by the man who took care of it. Freedom is shown by the production technique, lighting. The event takes place in a dark jail cell. Light shines through the bars of a little window, where the bird is set free. We understand the idea freedom when the bird flies out towards the light/freedom and is no longer confined inside the pocket of the man also kept in jail.

Freedom is most clearly displayed in the ‘rooftop scene’. Initially the setting is significant as birds can fly and go wherever they want and many of them choose to land on rooftops, perhaps a resting place for them. The rooftop is significant because it is a place for rest and represents freedom. Colour is used to help us understand how freedom is felt in this scene. The sky appeared a much brighter blue than all the other blues used in this film, which are more dark and grey, used on buildings, the sky, and uniform, to suggest a depressing environment. When Red got rejected from being let out of jail he was pushed out the door of the building, and the door slammed shut and echoed. This sound effect suggested the feeling of being trapped and helps you notice the difference in the sky and colours and sense the feeling of freedom on the rooftop. There has been a big difference in the moods throughout this film. The prisoners began to feel hopeful. The production technique, music was used to convey freedom in the scene that Andy played Italian...
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