Shawshank and Raw

Topics: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, The Shawshank Redemption, Stephen King Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Institution can be defined as an organisation that is established for a particular purpose. In this case Scott Monk novel “Raw” encounters from a range of good and bad features on protest, enforcement and compliance. Another text that clearly states the personal experiences of the characters with the institution is the film “shawshank redemption”

One of the major themes discussed in “Raw” is protest. This is represented through Brett the main character, who gets set to the farm. A facility runs by Sam for young and troubled boys. Brett rejects it by “just old McDonald and a couple of geese’s” shows that he has no threat over and does not believe in it with his statement “as if”. Brett protest against the farm “I don’t want to stay here and I don’t want to follow any rules” this remark enables us to understand his opinions and attitudes on the concept of being within an institution. Monk also represents the idea of protest, through his minor characters. Tyson the resident bully at the farm is virtual to the fact that some institutions are corrupt and do not always work. He continues to play childish mind games with Brett “like the eggs? I made that batch especially for you, notice how they were extra yellow? Like urinal” Tyson and the sisters from “shawshank redemption” are seen in smiler ways, where they are both the resident bullies in the institution. Emphases through “every so often Andy would show up with fresh bruises” and Brett’s haircut result in power and protest. The voice over of Red “he never said who did it... but we all knew” have income on both the characters within an institution.

Further more Scott Monk novel “Raw” enforces the rules and regulations with enforcement in the institution (the farm) with four main rules Sam as set out, No fighting, no leaving the farm, Sams decision is final and no drugs. Though a negative impact of Sam discipline policy is that it involves the treating of inmates as a group as mentioned within the lines “if one...
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