Shaun of the Dead- Movie Critic

Topics: Shaun of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Edgar Wright Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: October 26, 2007
Skylar Ervin
Professor Renner

Shaun of the Dead

The film Shaun of the Dead is a British zombie flick filled with comedy, romance, and horror. It is an original piece, directed by Edgar Wright and co-star Simon Pegg, which uses irony throughout the entire movie. Many critics think of the movie as a British comedy but I believe it is much more than that. I believe the cast was appropriately chosen for this movie. The main character is Shaun, Simon Pegg, who's an irresponsible young man who just wants to have fun without any responsibility. He is accompanied by his best friend Ed, Nick Frost, who is a slacker and moocher, but adds much of the humor to the film. Another main character is Liz, Kate Ashfield, who is Shaun's girlfriend. She just wishes that Shaun would grow up and act like an adult. She also adds much of the romance in the movie. I believe all the characters of Shaun of the Dead blend together forming a great chemistry between each other. Shaun of the Dead is based on a central theme that anyone, even the immature Shaun, can become a respectable and responsible person. We see this through all the trials that Shaun encounters. These trials include losing his parents to the brain-hungry zombies which in turn motivates Shaun to take matters into his own hands. At one point, Shaun is dumped by his girlfriend Liz. He then realizes he needs to grow up and show that he really cares about others, especially his girlfriend. Another trial Shaun encounters is when his best friend is attacked by the zombies. In his losses, Shaun believes he will never see Ed again. In the end, Shaun gains back his girlfriend and saves his best friend. Probably my favorite aspect of the film would most definitely be Wright's sense of humor. I remember leaving the theater with my stomach in knots from all the laughter. I believe reason the film has so many hitting jokes is because Shaun of the Dead is more of a spoof on other stereotypical zombie...
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