Shaun Morgan Essay

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Tim Skaggs
Prof. Davis
English 1101-19
13 February 2013
Shaun Morgan
When people think of musicians, they often only think of the person they see on stage or in a music video. Very rarely does a person wander about the choices and paths that an artist takes to get on that stage. What most people do not realize is there are many ways into the music industry and not all roads taken are the same. For some the obstacle of succeeding in the music business is easy, while for others it is a long, hard fought battle that takes years and years to accomplish. If we would only look into the backgrounds of musicians, we would have a better understanding of where they came from and the driving engine behind their music. Many musicians use their life experiences to influence their music. Shaun Morgan is one musician who always does this. His albums are like a diary of his life. Shaun Morgan and his band “Seether” Have been a huge success in the United States in the last decade. Life experience and other musicians have been a huge influence on Shaun’s music career. It has propelled him from his childhood home in South Africa to worldwide stardom, numerous albums and awards, and a fan base that stretches the globe. Although it is a fascinating story, Shaun Morgan’s life and the path to success he has chosen have not always been easy. Between touring the world, recording albums and making his mark on the rock music scene, Shaun Morgan has still found time to move to a new country and battle addiction, all while dealing with a highly publicized relationship.

Shaun Morgan was born Shaun Welgemoed, in Johannesburg South Africa in 1978. His parents divorced when he was young and he was sent to military school, where he had trouble fitting in. When he was 17 years old, he was faced with a choice: “I had a .38 special in one hand and a guitar in the other. I picked up the guitar and started playing. If you kill yourself, you're a coward.”(Hoard 36). After choosing life and...

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