Shattered by: Sarah N. Harvey

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In the book Shattered, written by Sarah N Harvey, there are two main characters. There names are March and Tyler. March is very popular and is a very kind hearted person. She has long luscious brown hair, wears contacts, and is known for her flawless looks. March’s boyfriend, Tyler, is tall, and has blond hair. Like March, Tyler is popular and also has a good heart. They are both very similar to each other.

There are three main settings in this book, the hospital, March’s house, and Castle Gifts. Although they aren’t often visited, they are all important to the story. March makes a mistake and it puts someone into the hospital, it always smells of lemon pledge and latex. March’s house is by a lighthouse and it is very big and spacious. Castle Gifts is where March works, it is a gift and antique shop. March Says “It looks like a bomb went off.” (pg. 48).

The Conflict in Shattered begins when March goes to a party and witnesses her boyfriend of four years cheating on her. The girl her boyfriend was cheating on her with comes up to March and says “So much for your perfect life, bitch,” (pg.4). This statement impacts March very much throughout the book. She pushes her boyfriend Tyler into the side of a hot tub and he goes unconscious. March calls the ambulance and leaves before they show up. The next day March really thanks about the situation and decides she is going to learn what it means to live a “perfect life”.
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