Topics: Predation, Shark finning, Shark fin soup Pages: 7 (2781 words) Published: November 3, 2013

Why is it important to save the sharks?
The shark is an apex predator of the marine ecosystem. In the marine ecosystem these predators are placed at the top of the food chain. Apex predators have a vital role in maintaining the health and balance of the ecosystems they dwell in. In addition to the previous statement if these top of the food chain predators were to be removed from their ecosystems, the health and balance of these ecosystems would become shattered and disturbed, with nobody to maintain the health and balance of the marine ecosystems how will the rest of the marine community strive to survive? Another factor that comes into play is the fact that life on land depends on life underwater; in order to thrive. To go more into depth on that factor, the earth’s largest oxygen producer are the oceans. The oceans are a home for many species, but there are some species that have a larger impact human life than others. Phytoplanktons are single celled plant algae. They form the base of the food chain in the ocean. The phrase “big things come in small packages” can be easily applied to the niche that these plant algae have. The phytoplankton enable all living organisms to stay alive, they produce up to 80% of the oxygen we and other organisms breathe, they are also the largest consumers of carbon dioxide. If these tiny organisms cease to exist so would we. Now trailing back to the sharks, the sharks are at the top of the food chain as predators so they control the prey population, which can have an effect on the food chain further below (phytoplankton). The sharks are major predators in the marine ecosystems and if these predators were to be extinct the prey population would be greatly affected causing the phytoplankton to also be affected and if these tiny organisms were to be affected in anyway so would we humans and any other organism. How do you feel about shark fining? Support your statement with specific facts from shark water or the internet? When I think about this topic I feel a variety of emotions. I feel sad because the sharks are being killed for just one part of their body and then thrown back into the ocean to die slow and painfully, just because they’re not human doesn’t mean they cannot feel pain. I feel mad because we all know this is ethically wrong but yet the government is even in on this and encouraging this. I also feel confused because people buy these shark fins because they have a nutritional value but yet research tells them that it’s the exact opposite! It’s quite sad when you think that an animal gets its vital body parts ripped out when it’s still alive and tossed back to where it came from to die a slow and painful death. How would you feel if some people came up to you and grabbed you and cut off your limbs and tossed you back into your house, you would try to get up and walk but you couldn’t cause your legs are gone and all you could do is slowly wait to die, die a painful death. This may sound horrid and gruesome but sometimes the truth can be painful. You might think that it doesn’t get any crueler than this, but it does. Up to 75 million sharks are being slaughtered for their fins each year. I become furious when I have the slightest thought of who may be the mastermind of this cruel scheme. We as a society believe that justice and order will always prevail, but I am disappointed to say that that statement becomes false in this case. The government for centuries has always enforced justice and order but now they throw hundreds of years of trust and belief out the window to make some money. The shark fining industry makes up to 1.2 billion dollars (US) a year and since the governments are in on this lucrative business they get their share of the prize as well. I feel confused and disappointed at the same time because HUMANS are the ones causing this path to extinction for certain species, and worst of all we know what we are doing. Humans were supposed to be more civilized,...
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