Shark Finning Speech

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Shark finning speech

Hi, I'm here to talk to you about why you should support project aware and it's foundation to stop shark finning and why we should keep sharks in our ocean not in our soup!

You might be thinking, why should I support this cause to help sharks which are dangerous and kill people. Yet think about this on average each year 10 people are killed by sharks, yet every second 3 sharks are killed by humans. without sharks we would not have many of our vital species of fish for us to eat as the oceans have a very delicate balance and we are destroying this balance.

Shark finning is the process in which defenceless endangered species of sharks are caught and dragged on to boats where they have their fins hacked off brutally whilst still alive. They are then thrown into the sea whilst still alive. In the sea they sink to the bottom unable to swim therefore unable to defend themselves or get oxygen past their gills. Shark specialists have estimated that each year 100 million sharks are killed each year for their fins!

This atrocity is all happening just to support the Asian markets for Chinese medicines and the so called delicacy of shark fin soup. Which is said to taste horrible! One pound of shark fin can retail for over 300 dollars but this cost is not worth the affect it is having on our worlds oceans. Within a decade if this continues scientists have predicted the worlds oceans will have none of the sharks used left! The only way this can be reduced to a sustainable level is if every country applies to law that sharks have to be brought in with fins still attached to the body therefore meat is not wasted, sharks don't get thrown back alive and not as much shark is able to be brought back. To be finished
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