Shark exploitation

Topics: Shark, Shark finning, Shark fin soup Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: January 5, 2014

Shark Exploitation/ Shark Finning
Shark exploitation is any action of catching sharks from the sea and using their body parts for human use. Shark finning is removing the fins of sharks and either throwing them back into the ocean to bleed to death or kept for other human uses. The shark fins are used as food to make an Asian soup called shark fin soup. Shark finning only uses about one to five percent of the entire shark’s body. The rest of the shark’s body could be used as food for other communities in the ocean but is wasted. Shark exploitation and finning not only negatively affects the sharks but also the animals living in the same area of the sharks and the researchers of the sharks. The problem with shark exploitation is that many sharks are being killed because of the popular demand for their body parts. Between twenty six and seventy six million sharks are being killed annually for their fins. Commercial fishing is one of the biggest threats to sharks because they are often bycought in other fisheries. When this happens most fishermen will cut off the fins and throw the shark back into the waters to bleed to death. The fish and other animals that live in the ocean are also affected by the exploitation of sharks. Finning or exploiting sharks can produce many issues to arise such as shark extinction, fish not getting the nutrients and safety they need to survive, and scientists to be delayed in there research. Scientists believe that sharks, which are placed at the top of the food chain, are keystone species. This means that if the shark is removed from the food chain the entire chain will collapse. If sharks are being killed off they won’t be able to produce offspring so eventually sharks could go extinct. Because sharks produce such few numbers each time when giving birth it makes it especially hard to prolong shark continuation. Sharks are needed for other fish to continue to exist as well. Many fish depend on sharks to swim near for protection...
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