Shark Cage Diving

Topics: Sharks, Person, Africa Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Chair Person:
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our speech on the dangers of Shark Cage Diving. This is our second time public speaking, so bare with us. My name is Emily and I find that this is an extremely interesting subject. I find this an interest subject since many people tend to underestimate the experience, people will see it as though, humans are the only ones getting hurt, but really, sharks are injured and killed due to this sport. The amounts of sharks which die has risen since Shark Cage Diving was introduced. Yes, this would be a remarkable experience to take place in, but would you really like to get into a cage, knowing there is a risk that you could die?

This is Maddy *Gesture to Maddy* she is our main speaker today; who will be explaining about Shark Cage Diving. Since Maddy used to live in Africa for 11 and half years, she has only just moved here 6 months ago, so I bet you’ll definitely be interested during her speech! Maddy has first-hand experience with this matter. Maddy may not of Shark Cage Dived before, but she has witnessed people and sharks being killed due to this. Many people think that it is humans dying, but in fact it is also sharks. Maddy will be explaining to you in this speech that it is a danger to everyone who participates. I hope you will find the topic of the speech interesting, since I sure do!

This is Sonia. *gesture to Sonia* Sonia is the Proposer of the vote of thanks, Sonia will be speaking last, hopefully getting you to show your appreciation towards Maddy’s speech. Sonia and I may not of been able to have first-hand experience with this matter, but yet we find sea life documentaries quite a fantastic thing. You see in sea life documentaries, you can see sharks in their natural habitat, not being disturbed. Yet if there was a documentary published on to the telly about shark cage diving, you’d see sharks in their natural habitat, being bothered by humans who want a glimpse of the majestic shark! Now,...
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